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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Made Simple With Life Insurance Instant Quote

This platform simplifies the life insurance marketplace. Finally a way to get a quote in seconds, apply in minutes, and gain peace of mind.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a policy where regularly paid premiums ensure that beneficiaries receive a sum upon the policyholder’s passing. The life insurance cost will vary, and there are many affordable policies for any situation. At Berglund Insurance, we provide the best life insurance instant quotes and top options for your peace of mind.

Navigating Life Insurance

You can apply directly online with your computer, phone, or tablet. There is never any obligation. Finish an application when and where it’s most convenient. Experts are always ready to assist or answer questions.

Personalize your life insurance instant quote. Discover your life insurance cost, today.

A quote is just clicks away

Explore the life widget to compare prices and explore different term lengths or death benefit amounts. It takes less than a minute to answer a few short questions for a tailored quote from top carriers.

A quote is just clicks away

Explore the life widget to compare prices and explore different term lengths or death benefit amounts. It takes less than a minute to answer a few short questions for a tailored quote from top carriers.

Removing the guesswork

Use our simple life insurance calculator to know how much is needed to pay off a mortgage and replace family income to maintain your lifestyle. If your financial situation is more complex, then use our detailed calculator.

The Berglund Insurance Experience

We provide top life insurance options for our clients. Our centralized platform offers the tools and resources needed to quote, apply, and receive the best policy. The following features make Berglund an excellent choice for your life insurance needs:

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee with the option to cancel anytime

Multiple Products

Term and whole life products available

Flexible Premiums

Premium can be paid monthly or annually with the option to be drafted directly from a bank account


The plan moves with the individual


Tax-free death benefits paid directly to beneficiaries

Lock In Rates

Members can lock in rate levels for 10, 15, 20 & 30 years

No Medical Exam

Instant approval option without any medical exam needed

Waiver Option

Can add a waiver of premium in the event of a disability


We strive to provide impeccable service that leaves clients confident and satisfied.

Frequently Asked Life Insurance Questions

Our experts are on standby to answer your specific questions. Contact us today.


How does life insurance work?

Typically, you may choose a term ranging from 10 years to 30 years. During that time, you or the policyholder will make regular payments – like any insurance policy. If the policyholder were to pass during the term, beneficiaries would usually receive the sum. Keep in mind that life insurance policies vary widely. We’re here to parcel down your best, personalized options.


I’m not a financial expert, so how do I pick the best policy?

Provide some information like your age, gender, amount of debt, and income. Our life insurance instant quote calculator can give you a good idea of your options and guide you toward the ideal life insurance policy for you.


Why do I need life insurance?

The decision to get life insurance is different for everyone. The following reasons are just a few of the most common motivations for obtaining life insurance:

  • pay living expenses
  • pay medical or final expenses
  • erase debt
  • protecting your spouse and children from financial fallout
  • provide financial security


Life insurance offers peace of mind and security. It’s an assurance that issues will be handled after the policyholder is gone. Mostly, the right life insurance policy is a good financial decision for protecting your loved one’s future.



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